Yet another new toy… :-)

I experience a lot of noise on the HF bands and am not really able to find the source of it. It is nog generated in house as I tested that by bringing all power down. With a laptop and the Airspy / Spyverter SDR receiver I still receive the noise. I have about S8 noise from 160 to 20 meter. Above 20 meter all is relative normal .

Using my IC-7100 on HF I found out that the noiseblanker of that little rig is able to filter out some of the noise. Not all but better than the TS-590S does. That made me want to know if there would be another rig that can cope with the noise even better.

In the past a had a Yaesu FT-2000 that had a good noiseblanker so I was thinking in that direction. Then I saw a second hand FT-950 for sale in my neigborhood and decided to try that one.

Well, that turned out to be a good purchase. It does remove some more noise than the IC-7100 does. And it is a real nice rig,  very familiar as it is using the same settings as the FT-2000. That one is easier to operate as more settings are directly behind a knob or pushbutton but overall I like the FT-950. For ergonomics I think the FT-2000 is the best rig I owned, loved the way that machine worked…  Also all accesories still laying around from that time are in use again with this 950.

The former owner did not update to the latest firmware, something I tend to do as soon as I know about such an update. It is up to date now… 😉