New Toy…

Recently I sold my FT-857ND to make some money as I wanted to buy a ICOM IC-7100. It is one of the few rigs that runs 70 MHz allmode and I think that might be a nice band to experiment with. As I have a lot of noise on HF, specially from 80 to 20 meter, I think I might start to work higher bands, 12 / 10 / 6 /4 meter,  some more.

I did take a look at the IC-7300 also but then I would loose 2 meter and 70 cm “high power” as the FT-817 only does 5 Watt. That one would be better on HF compared to the IC-7100 but my Kenwood TS-590S is good enough on HF.

Another nice addition is the USB soundcard in the IC-7100. When at the camping or /P I can do digimodes without the need of a CAT modem or other hardware. I did that before with a IC-7200 (great little rig) and a;so the TS-590S can be operated that way. But that one never leaves the shack…  😉

ICOM IC-7100