T2FD after a few weeks testing

A few weeks ago I started using a T2FD antenna, the Diamond WD330S. Overall 10 meter long, folded dipole with a terminating resistor.

Been using this antenna for a few weeks now, time for a little update…

One of the reasons I wanted to try this antenna was the high noise floor I have here the last few years. At times the lower bands, 160, 80, 60 , 40 and 30 meter are showing a S7 to 8 noise and that makes that I only can receive stronger stations. That is no joy at all so trying to find a way to overcome that problem. From the T2FD is said that it should pick up less noise as it is a kind of loop antenna. Very nice for reception but on the other hand, the terminating resistor dissipates a part of the input power. The antenna is very broadband, on all bands the SWR is lower than 1 to 1:3 or there about. A internal antenna tuner can keep the finals happy..

I posted some videos on youtube where the difference is shown.

15 meter, FT8, signals comparable in strenght but antenna 1 is better to the ears..

80 meter, LSB, signals are comparable in strenght but antenna 1 is better to the ears…

160 meter, LSB, huge “signal” difference. Antenna 1 gives a weaker S reading but there is a station that can be heard!

Antenna 1 is the T2FD antenna, Antenna 2 is 18 meter wire, end fed with a 1:9 UNUN. Also this antenna has a common mode filter at the antenna side.

For TX and the loss of power into the terminating resistor. On the higher bands, the loss seems minimal. Where I could make a QSO my signals were comparable with other working with some wire and 100 Watt at max.

On 20 meter a few CQ’s in a few hours showed I was received in Japan, China, Indonesia, Asiatic Russia, Europe, Canada, USA, Brasil, Cuba and Venezuela  using 25 Watt in FT8. I think that is not too bad… 😉

On 40 meter i am heard in JS8Call through whole Europe with the TS-590 set to 15 Watt. Also a casual spot in Canada and USA. 100 Watt SSB gives me good reports through Europe.

On 80 meter the TX efficiency drops down. To be heard in Europe in FT8 I have to make some more power. With 15 Watt I am received by a few stations in Europe. At 40 watt it starts to look somewhat better. Have not made any SSB QSO’s so no real reports either. I guess there are 2 factors here. At first, the antenna is overall 10 meter long and a folded dipole. That means 2 x 10 meter wire. That is in fact a 40 meter dipole. RX wise the signals are OK but in combination with the terminating resistor the antenna is not very efficient.

160 Meter. TX efficiency is about Zero… Nothing…  but that has never been as I can not put up enough wire. From 2003 till now I worked 3 countries, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. And all QSO’s were marginal… Maybe I can work some stations in FT8 but I did not really try it. I did some RX in FT8 and that gives stations from the whole of Europe.  And, as you can see in the video, I can receive some SSB stations and that is more then the S9 noise with the End Fed.

Overall, I am really pleased with this antenna as it gives me something to listen to and it seems to be working nice on 40 meter and up…


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