Something to play with…

Decided to buy  a new toy as that might keep me going in these strange times…  Just to have something new to play with. and as always with the intention to get rid of something else… The last is not always the part that comes true but alas! 😉

This time I wanted something not to big, shack in the box type of radio. I saw a nearly new FT-991A, sold with full warranty. Sent a email to the shop and found out that the first buyer had the rig for one month, did not use it and came back with it to buy another radio. Everything in the box seemed unused except for the radio that has been out of the plastic.  Decided to buy that one as it was 200 euro lower priced then a new one and still I would have full warranty.

Must say this is a nice little radio. Has a good receiver on HF , is at least on par with my FT-950. I took all of the settings from my FT-950 to start with and overall that gives me I fine working radio. Also 2 meter and 70 cm allmode is nice.

I am pleasantly surprised by reception of the MW reception of this radio, very sensitive. Also DCF on 77 Hz is coming in fine. Not really big signals but I can set the time of my PC with it very good using MultiPSK Clock. My ICOM IC-7100 and my FT-950 do not hear DCF. My Kenwood TS-590 does but it might be somewhat weaker.



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