Nice win! A Airspy R2 with Spyverter combo!

As I am not to active with radio at the moment I told myself that had to change… I decided to start to use my @pe2km Twitter account somewhat more. So I started to follow some new people on blogs or Twitter who are busy with the same interests as me. Like the RTL-SDR blog   where very good info about the use of the cheap DVB-T SDR dongles can be found. Another one was @lambdaprog who is involved with the SDR# software that I use with my dongles.

About a week ago @lambdaprog announced a twitter RT action where different Airspy goodies would be given away . As I read very good reviews about these SDR radio’s I decided to step in and retweeted some of the announcements.

Today I received a mention and I found out that I was the winner of a Airspy R2 with a Spyverter HF converter! Needles to say I am very happy with this extention of the hobby!  🙂

Twitter Airspy Giveaway
Twitter Airspy Giveaway


While I was experimenting with my recently bought Arduino goodies one thing was for sure, the boards, breadboards and other components are going everywhere except where you want them…

So after the first few lessons, make a LED blink and an LCD print “Hello World” I decided I had to make something to hold the parts I am using for an experiment. With some Velcrotape and an old bookshelf I came to 2 boards as seen in the picture.


Works very well, no moving parts while you are connecting wires and parts you do not need can be removed to make more space.