New Toy…

Recently I sold my FT-857ND to make some money as I wanted to buy a ICOM IC-7100. It is one of the few rigs that runs 70 MHz allmode and I think that might be a nice band to experiment with. As I have a lot of noise on HF, specially from 80 to 20 meter, I think I might start to work higher bands, 12 / 10 / 6 /4 meter,  some more.

I did take a look at the IC-7300 also but then I would loose 2 meter and 70 cm “high power” as the FT-817 only does 5 Watt. That one would be better on HF compared to the IC-7100 but my Kenwood TS-590S is good enough on HF.

Another nice addition is the USB soundcard in the IC-7100. When at the camping or /P I can do digimodes without the need of a CAT modem or other hardware. I did that before with a IC-7200 (great little rig) and a;so the TS-590S can be operated that way. But that one never leaves the shack…  😉

ICOM IC-7100

RTL SDR Passive cooling using thermal pad and old CPU cooler.

As the temperature in my shack can be between 25 and 35 C on the warmer days I decided to make a cooler for on of my ADS-B DVB-T SDR dongles. This because I found out that the dongle I use for receiving ADS-B signals becomes very hot at times. I found a method and a reason to try this on describing the use of thermal pad. Ordered some at Aliexpress as I wanted to try this myself. Yesterday the order arrived so I could make a start with it. I have some old CPU coolers laying around so I decided to use one of them to attach the SDR dongle to.

Snipped some of the thermal pad, one piece as big as the dongle and 2 smaller pieces covering the 2 chips on the other side. Though only one of them is getting hot I decided to cover both with a small piece acting as protection too. I then used some tie wraps to fix the dongle to the cooler.
The cooler does a perfect job. It is getting only hand warm, and the dongle itself is definitely colder than before.

RTL SDR Passive cooling using thermal pad and old CPU cooler
SDR Passive cooling

As prices at Aliexpress change rapidly it is better to search for the cheapest offer yourself. Use “Cooling Conductive Silicone Pad” as search words and you will find the blue thermal pad. It is offered in pieces of 10 x 10 cm but take care, you want 1 piece of 10 x 10 cm, 2 mm thick, not the precut (15 x 15 mm) offers.

Check my ADS-B Receiver to see the reception at my location.