Nice win! A Airspy R2 with Spyverter combo!

As I am not to active with radio at the moment I told myself that had to change… I decided to start to use my @pe2km Twitter account somewhat more. So I started to follow some new people on blogs or Twitter who are busy with the same interests as me. Like the RTL-SDR blog   where very good info about the use of the cheap DVB-T SDR dongles can be found. Another one was @lambdaprog who is involved with the SDR# software that I use with my dongles.

About a week ago @lambdaprog announced a twitter RT action where different Airspy goodies would be given away . As I read very good reviews about these SDR radio’s I decided to step in and retweeted some of the announcements.

Today I received a mention and I found out that I was the winner of a Airspy R2 with a Spyverter HF converter! Needles to say I am very happy with this extention of the hobby!  🙂

Twitter Airspy Giveaway

Twitter Airspy Giveaway

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