Another vintage scanner…

Every once in a while I seem to have a sentimental feeling that makes me want to buy something I owned in the past or something I wanted in the past but never had.

This time it is an old radio scanner from 1980 that I owned from about 81 for a few years. It is the Bearcat 220FB by the Electra company. A 20 channel “computer scanner”. So no need for buying crystals as that were needed for most of the radio scanners at that time.Later in the 80s the name Bearcat came in use by the Uniden brand for naming their scanners.

FB stood for “Foreign Band”, a version that was intended for the European market. It receives the 66-88, 118-136, 144-174 and 420-512 ranges. Where the USA version does 32-50, 118-136, 144-174 and 420.450-512,450 range A 20 channel computer scanner. The FB mark is only fount on the backside of the scanner, the fronts of both version show only Bearcat 220. The scanner looks reasonably well given the age and receives fine. Only defect is that the wires from the backup battery came loose inside so it needs to be opened and resoldered. That might need a hunt for a schematic…  😉

Bearcat 220FB

Bearcat 220FB


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